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That teaser earlier? Well, that was this.

The comparisons of Therizinosaurs to the giant ground sloths of old are numerous and varied, but I decided to give it a go anyway! You remember those semi-aquatic ground sloths they found in South America? No? Well, I thought, what if Therizinosaurs discovered new foraging opportunities in the blue as well? And this happened. Aquatic Therizinosaurs. That’s right: I’m putting the Chelon back in Cheloniformis. *Reels in pride from awful nerd joke*

Also, I started AND finished a painting in the same day! Amazing!

Edit: you can find a better quality version on my DeviantArt here.







So the little thing he’s spitting out is a type of plankton that emits a light when it’s threatened by predators. So, the tetra ate it, and it felt threatened, so it emitted this light which the tetra didn’t like (aka didn’t want to be spotted by other predators at night) so it spat it out!

This was on the show Super Senses, which I talked about the other day because it is an excellent nature show!

(Source: highkeygay)


The maned wolf is the largest canine species in South America and closely resembles a red fox on stilts because of its long legs. It is neither a wolf, fox, coyote, or dog  but rather a member of its own Chrysocyon genus, making it a truly unique animal. They possess a mane that runs from the back of the head to the shoulders which can be erected to intimidate other animals when displaying aggression or when they feel threatened. 

Unlike other wolves that live in packs, maned wolves do not form or hunt in packs but prefer to live alone.  Maned wolf is considered as the last surviving species of the Pleistocene Extinction, which wiped out all other large canids from the continent.

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