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B. rex by ~Eurwentala

 ”The shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) is a huge (almost as tall as I am), somewhat stork-like bird. It has a bill as wide as a pelican’s, but with a nasty hooked tip. In the wild, it lives in the wetlands of Africa. The shoebill can be found mostly where there are plently of papyrus sedges and lungfish - as it nests in one and eats the other.

 The relationships between the shoebill and other birds have been unclear for a long time. It might be closely related to pelicans, or cormorants, or possibly fit somewhere between the pelican-cormorant clade and storks in the family tree. Or it might be more closely related to albatrosses and petrels.

 It’s also one of the few occasionally quadrupedal birds and has a habit of eating baby crocodiles.”

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